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Apartment Hunting in France Adventure Redefined.

There I was in a pool of my efforts on foot, an hour into my search for what turned out to be “some mystery apartment” that Google didn’t even know how to find.

We have been informed that we can only visit 10 apartments, and we learned this after visiting apartment 6.

Shifting our approach, my new efforts to be more thorough before going to a location, I decided to scope the local before committing to a counted visit.

I always find a way to make things work, even if it requires extra effort. This one was 35 minutes on the bus and then instead of waiting for a bus connection 40 minutes later, footing it uphill another 30 to the assumed location. Haha! Jokes on you, one might think.

Though I do celebrate finally knowing where the term Apartment “Hunting” came from as that is exactly what it felt like.

But I came home without even a sight of the apartment in question.

This particular apartment was supposed to be brand new and not yet finished. And the one location that even resembled that possibility was a house, I know because the kind gentlemen still working on it told me when I, dumbfounded by there being nothing else anywhere to be found, interrupted their workday to inquire what they might know. (merci messieurs)

Haha, so I went “all this way” to find. What one could define as “nothing”, and the thought crossed my mind A LOT.

I found myself becoming slightly annoyed and determined to find or make something more than was actually there Appear.

Where are you supposed location that should be here? Hahaha How are you not here? lol

But then I brought myself back to what helps me find meaning and a joyful takeaway no matter the situation AND I found a number of different adventures in the outing just by deciding to redefine it.

And though I wonder to this day what this location was supposed to be, and I may never know, something better came of it, yet another of life’s loving opportunities to find something good, find a takeaway.

Some takeaways for me were:

  1. I turned the outing into a flower-focused festival. I took pictures of all the lovely plants along the way, of which there were happily Many. What joy that brought and still brings. WIN!

  2. I had the opportunity to save a rodent from the road, s/he looked so frightened and in shock, but I gave it my best to shoo it to safety off the road.

  3. A Yay, to going to new places, there may have been not a lot around, but I love discovering new areas.

  4. And actually, there was a lot around, there was a mini castle in this quaint little village.. Hello! LeeLee loves quaint old villages and it isn’t every day you just happen upon a cute lil castle, eh!

  5. I found out, this is not the area we want to live. Ha, while it is lovely, the location is a bit inconvenient without a car and since I found no apartment, it seems we wouldn’t even have a home hahaha.

  6. I got a great workout. The sun was out, the grass was green, and the river was calm and refreshing. And I now know what the area is like. #learning

These are a few of my faaaavooorrriteee things from the .. What some might call “Failed” outing, turned beautiful experience.

Now on to the next adventure.

What mischief can we get into and enjoy?

Do you have a story about home hunting? I would love to hear it.


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