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How To Fit In?

This one goes out to all my weirdos….

So You Feel Like a “weirdo”..

You don’t think you “fit in”..

You wonder why you are so different you stand out..

You feel you can’t stop acting in or being such and such a way..

This is normal, and you are normal!

What if you trying so hard to “fit it” is the reason you aren’t

and every moment you attempt to hide your inner weirdo is smothering the real you more & more every time?

And what if just showing up in all your bright, different, unique, quirky, and weirdo ways

Is exactly what will connect you to the world and those in it?

And that anyone that doesn’t get it simply aren’t your people?

And as hard as not being loved by all can be,

What if it is the very way your brilliant, bold, and beautiful brand of you was meant to thrive & find YOUR happiness home?

Not forgetting that if you seek to reach a perfect space where you fit in with everyone anyway, you will realize this place doesn’t exist!

And the longer you fight who you really are, the further you get from that joy you’ve been gifted to experience in life?

And if none of that hits home, what if you decided to redefine weirdo, I mean, someone just made this stuff up in the first place, you have just as much right to decide that Being a Weirdo is THE WAY of showing up in the world, and I want More of that! And so it is.

Besides I think we all could use a little more different in the world. Don’t You!?

Hint: The Answer is YES!


PHOTO: LeeLee(moi) trying to skate on mi boots.. It was so Fun! Don't let Looking Cool fool you out of a good time and your happiest joys.


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