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Hi there,


I will be the first one to admit that I stayed in my previous job far beyond the expiration date of my passion for it.


The burnout… kind of snuck up on me, it definitely wasn’t planned or imagined. 

I couldn’t tell you how long I had envisioned myself as the international educator that I was.

I couldn’t remember anything else I would have rather done. I loved my students, my colleagues, and living in a variety of diverse countries.


After all, the overseas teaching salaries lent for a pretty cushy lifestyle including nearly 4 months paid vacation in the last job, where you would always find me bouncing around the globe and loving life, and buying the illusion of me living “the” dream.

That part definitely was dreamlike, but, I always had to go back to the job.

For all the experiences in that life, I am beyond grateful.


However, after about 16 years in international education, I was 6 years into my contract as a professor and an International Student Advisor at Tokyo International University when I realized something was missing.

I no longer felt the impact of my work.


Soooo, long story short, I:


  • …Set off on a new type of journey, an intentional purpose-searching exploration inward to find my new and true life niche.


  • …Used the self-realization found from that exploration to redesign my life and career to one of meaning and contribution.


  • …Created and transitioned into an exciting and purposeful career I am inspired to wake up to daily.


  • And, I ultimately realized how important it was to help guide others through a similar career transition to discover excitement in their own purpose-filled career.


Hi, I’m LeeLee!

Can you see yourself in my story? Are you ready to get unstuck from that career that no longer serves you?


I work with bright, energized people who are unfulfilled in their work and I help them discover and transition into a meaningful and purpose-filled career.


If that resonates with you, am grateful you’re here because...

I may also be a bit of .....

  • a die-hard for living outside my comfort zone

  • an adventure-junkie with an incurable addiction for wanderlust

  • a recovering overthinker, I think…

  • a lover of learning and a growth mindset enthusiast

  • a raw cookie dough monster ~ miam~miam

  • a lover of books

  • a nature-lover who gets overly emotional at sunsets and incredible nature scapes~ahhhh

  • a daily gratitude believer and practitioner

  • ***And most importantly, I am an authentic, dedicated, and passionate coach living the mission of helping people find work in which they can experience more fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Elite Coach Certified

Abstract Horizon

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