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What we do together...


When we work together, I guide you to identify and decide on the career path that serves you and your envisioned life!


Clients tend to seek a career coach when they are in one of the following situations:

   1. You know exactly what you want to do and are having a tough time getting


   2. You are not yet sure where you want to be, though you are certain you can no

       longer continue on the path you are on.


As a career coach, I help you develop a plan to build the career and life you dream of having, and then we go after it!

Who doesn’t want that, right?!

Join me for a complimentary call … Your future self will thank you.

~How can we work together ~

Have you ever felt your work left you exhausted, unfulfilled or even lost, like something was missing?

You, my friend, are not alone!


I’ve been there too and it wasn’t pretty.

But ~Guess What~ the only thing you need to know right now is, YOU DO NOT have to stay in that reality of feeling a daily “ugggg” of exhaustion anymore.


YES, you can discover the career change you desire and deserve!

I know this because I lived all those thoughts and more, but then went out and found the best route to escape and manage them as well!

And YOU most certainly can too.


I am here because I believe that we all can have a career that provides a combination of meaning, purpose & excitement.

When you know you are ready to have that for your life, let’s hang out.

I am here for you.


Finding the peak of your greatest journey, which is life.

Having passion in your purpose and profession will lead you to ascend your ultimate dreams and desires through newfound self-awareness, growth, transformation ~ you name it, we can get after it.


The Self (part): The nature inside us!

This journey is about you! LeeLee is just your trail guide.

Every single one of us has a natural instinct in us to thrive in doing something we love, and we truly can live the life of our dreams.

Still, often times we need a push or pull through the steep and uncertain parts, especially on paths and peaks we have yet to come across or conquer.


The Summit (Part): The nature outside us!

This is all about you, too! Working together we can achieve breakthroughs and reach your ideal life summit. It is natural to feel lost but you have what it takes to find your way, still, having a guide can make all the difference.


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