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A New YOU doesn't start with a New Year

Jan 1 doesn’t just flip a switch and voila....Refresh!

As much as I get the symbolism.

As much as I understand the need for transition.

And the enjoyment and importance in honoring traditions.

I’m with you completely when it comes to the goodness in celebrating life’s miles stones and accomplishments. Especially taking a moment to pause at the end of a chapter... a year... an era...

I believe wholeheartedly in taking time to evaluate & reflect..

I get it and I am all in...

So long as it’s understood that January first is no better a day than July 2nd or Feb 8th to decide to make a change in your life and your habits going forward.

The time to define a year is when YOU decide it so.

The time to decide to change is the day you choose YOU and not the same

ol' same ol'.

No date can define that. Only YOU Can!

Transformation can happen in an instant, but only happens the instant you decide to make it yours.

This may be a hard reality to admit to ourselves.

But if you think that January first is THE DAY that you will get that motivation you need to make that lasting change, no matter the change it is...

Then you are likely one of the 80+ % who don’t follow-through come the beginning of February.

I am not trying to ruffle feathers..

And don’t get me wrong, it took me years to realize this seemingly simple concept.

But it always comes back to Knowing vs. Doing.

And I used to be on the 1/1 resolution bandwagon until I realized no date is going to be my make all, motivation and growth starting point.

Nothing, no date, no time was the indicator.

I was... I am.. We are...You are.. the only factor to making the decision to take control of our lives and get the results WE want.

It is important that you realize, that yes, you really do have everything in your power to take your life to the level YOU WANT!

You need to know and to believe that.

YOU do have more power than you might even realize.

Now it is just deciding if you want to take over the reins, challenge yourself and charge ahead.

You do not need a special date to get you going.

Just get going and you be the one to define that day, whatever day it is, as the day YOU chose ~ YOU!

Today, tomorrow, or any day YOU choose!

Take charge of your life.

I believe you can! The rest is up to YOU!

Let me know in the comments below what you are going to do first!!!

Blessings to you!

Love and hugs,


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I am going to practice writing and music more. I have doable goals and am going to stick with them. I am also going to be happy and count my blessings everyday. I am going to do more for others.

LeeLee Genovese
LeeLee Genovese
Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Hi Nickndeborah🎶 happy 2023 ! This sounds like a beautiful goal. I’m here cheering you on!!

is there anything that might get in the way of yo sticking to your goals? I find it helpful to plan ahead 🎶🎶🫶🏾🫶🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽

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