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The Meaningful Life Blueprint: A Call to Adventure

With One tiny addition to your day...

Having More Meaning in Life…

We all want that, don’t we?

And it’s something you can for sure make.

I’m someone who loves to find meaning in everything.

Maybe to a fault where I tend to want to label everything so that I can categorize and organize it in my brain.

That’s my own work to do,

but I wanted to offer you one thing that I do that has been a joy and a life-level-upper for me

in catching & making more meaning in the moments through the days. And it is simple.

It’s the practice of intentionally searching out moments

and/or making them into meaningful metaphors!

Let’s call it Metaphors for life!

Because what we call it we get to decide too. Yahoo. So of course change it if you fancy.

Throughout your day, or at the end of the day,

take some time to slow down and notice

at minimum a moment or two that sparks/ed a different insight for you.

  • That might be an inspirational moment, seeing or experiencing something that moves you.

  • That might be a difficult encounter or something that occurred that made you react in a certain way that might not be how you would want to show up.

  • That might be a spark of curiosity, interest, or intrigue that made you see your day's events, or life itself from a different perspective. Catch on to that.

Notice>> any random reminders and report to self, what could this moment offer to me beyond the surface level?

Ask: What reminder or meaning can I create from this?

This is a fun, reflective, and creative task that helps you be more intentional and awake throughout your day. So, win-win! Yay

This task is about Intentionally seeking... (seek and yee shall find, right!!)

It’s about Checking in with yourself and what’s happening throughout the day.

Because the doors of opportunity are opened to those who knock.

So if you Keep on looking for meaning, you will uncover it.

It blows my mind how much this is true. So I offer this to you.

And if you need more encouragement, I gathered up a bundle of other fun jingly reminders of the benefits of how what you focus on expands>>>>

“As you sow, so shall you reap” : Your actions will determine your results.
“Energy flows where intention goes”: Your results are determined by where you direct your efforts.
“The mind grows into what it contemplates”: You become what you think about most often.
“What you appreciate, appreciates”: Valuing something can increase its worth or abundance.
“Attention is the currency of achievement”: Success comes from focusing on your goals.

**These common phrases emphasize the power of focus and intention in shaping our experiences and outcomes.

What meaning do you want to make in your life, start noticing the moments that co-create with you in the making of your own masterpiece.

Goodness, and much meaning to you.

Blue Skies,


and always....Stop and smell the wisteria....


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