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Make Room for Happiness: Strategies Inside!

Updated: Mar 22

Happy #internationaldayofhappiness ~March 20th wahoooo

What makes you happy?

Answering this is tragically where so many get blocked…

There was a time when I too couldn’t answer that question either.

I was so caught up with everything it was causing me anxiety, confusion, overwhelm, and inaction…

Just LeeLee ruminating and spiraling as if I had nothing to grasp onto.

Because nothing felt my own, and it wasn’t.

I was so used to doing things that were related to other people’s needs and agendas

Somewhere losing myself in the mix, so much so, that I couldn’t even tell you what I wanted for me.

We do this, we have a tendency to get wrapped up in what other people want, or people pleasing, knowingly or not, good-hearted to the point we are often taken advantage of and by that point it’s all gone too far.

We wake up one day and wonder where and who we are.

We are surrounded by society's distractions, directions, and opinions, so much so that we feel we have to follow the “status Quo”

or get lost out there on our own.

Then the habit of doing the expected thing sends us further off the path from what we want for ourselves.

Have you ever felt like your decisions are not for you at all that you’ve been caught up in the midst of everyone else’s big and small?

And at the biggest price of them all.

Your own Happiness.

Have you felt as if you’ve let others and the outside world dictate how you were gonna show up?

Raise your hand my friend, I’m raising mine with you.

You are definitely not alone.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality anymore.

Happiness is Coming back to yourself…Coming Home To yourself!

When I get overwhelmed, uncertain, and caught up with everyone else’s(works, friends, family’s) opinions, and ideas about what I should be doing…

I Come back to this activity:

  • What do I need to do? These are non-negotiable and essential tasks.

  • What do I want to do? Nice-to-have tasks that aren’t critical but what YOU personally desire.

  • What do others want me to do? What is all the noise and distraction that is calling for my attention that feels like peer pressure but that is actually furthest from my happiness and need not prioritize?

DIRECTIONS for the above:

Write them out so you get all your thoughts and the weight of these categories on paper.

This alone can be deeply revealing & therapeutic to notice all that I feel are expectations from you, others, and society.

Getting it out makes it more simple to subjectively see some tasks really can be set aside.

When I have a clear picture of these priorities I find it clarifying where undue pressures are being placed, I create clarity of what I need to juggle and what I can literally clear from my plate.

Remember, the right prioritization method is personal.

Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you.

Even without a formal to-do list, this approach can help you stay focused and productive on things more important to you, leaving you happier and more capable of managing what is at hand.

I am ever amazed at how this creates so much space for me, as well as eases anxieties, and makes me so much happier and ready to tackle my days.

I wish the same for you.

What makes YOU happy?

Get clear on your priorities and remember what is most important for you.

Can you spend more time doing that?

And if not what is in the way?

I’m here if you want to go deeper with this, comment or reply and let me know how it’s going.

Goodness and growth to you,



P.S. Happy>International Day of Happiness!

As I've been working with Actions for Happiness I'm on a mission to speak to 1000 people about Happiness.

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Prioritize Happiness on Your Agenda!


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