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Be the Thermostat not the Thermometer

Are you the thermostat or the thermometer?

You do have control over what you accept into your space.

I know it can be a struggle because you care about others and want to be considerate (riiiight?)

The thermometer route allows others to affect your mood, your day, your choices, your thoughts, beliefs and more… and possibly causing you to lose a part of yourself in that process, no?!

The other avenue allows you to stay true to your honest self, who you are, what you want, your convictions, your goals, dreams... and beyond...

That doesn’t mean stop listening and learning from others around you, that is still desperately needed (to an extent).

But in the process of conversing and engaging with the masses and the information, just remember to stay true to YOU!..

You decide what gets in and the level you want to live your life...


This is a skill to be learned and practiced on replay...

Just remember, you matter!

And, you get to decide how to define you.

Nothing in the external environment gets to decide what it means to be you.

So, are you the thermostat or the thermometer?

Wanna find your inner thermostat? DM me and let’s talk!

Love and hugs~ Lee Lee

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