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Best Time To Start A New Goal?

Happy blessed 2024, my friend.

Yahoo! What does that mean to you?

  • >Fresh starts?

  • >New Year, New You?

  • >New chance to thrive?

  • >Perfect time to change?

Bla bla bla...insert all other commonplace reasons that the New Year is the best time to start.

If that all works for you, stick with what works.

If not..

The above is advice you can feel good about ignoring.

There can be so much pressure to do something big, different, change...just because it's a new year.

But if you are not ready for said change and just going along because it's that time of year and that in itself means it's the best time,

then you're likely settling yourself up for some form of failure, followed by guilt and possibly shame and a cycle of unsuccessful attempts at getting "on track" with your goals.

While I get it, it is symbolic to start the new year off with a clean slate feel, no timing is perfect unless you are ready and clear on what you want, why, and why now.

But it isn't really about the Time of Year,

It's more about You deciding you want change in your life.

​​So whether you are going after a New Year's resolution with the rest of the world or deciding to start whenever YOU feel the time is Your time, ready or not,

consider driving your goals with a foundation of the following;

  1. A clear and compelling reason why! Why is this important to you and why now? What is the change this will make in your life?

  2. Backed by some extent of belief your goals are possible! Do you believe you can reach your goal? What are the hurdles that could arise? What is your plan when they do? Because life is gonna life and stuff is gonna come up to test your resolve in reaching your pursuits.

  3. And what is the impact and meaning reaching your goal will bring to your life? For you, for those around you, now and for the remainder of your life?

Having these key pieces cleared up before taking on any goal at any time can anchor in & support you in coming back to YOU and the what, why, and how of getting after and reaching your desired goals.

What else helps you in your goals getting?

I would love to hear your thoughts on what helps you and how the above has been helpful too.

Or share what your goals are and how they are going.

Wishing you a solid foundation and reason behind all you are creating.

May you find value and motivation in starting on your terms, whenever you feel a desire for change and growth.

With Love,

Coach LeeLee


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