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Declaring Me

Greetings & Happy Day to you!

Hello my lovelies and thank you friends for being here today to be a part of my story.

First, I’d like to start by asking you something....

Do you think it is ever too late to go after your dreams?

Everyone has dreams, right!?

Everyone has a vision of what an ideal life would be for them, don’t they?!

Have you ever asked yourself if there was something more for your life?

Have you ever dreamt of doing something different?

Has changing your life path ever been something you’ve thought of?

I’m LeeLee and I am here with you today to share a glimpse of how after asking myself those precise questions I not so long ago changed the direction of my life.

I have spent most of the last 18 years working in different countries and traveling every chance I could get. I was living the life of my dreams.

But, about 3 years ago, I arrived at a point in my career, where my dreams had changed.

There I was, it was my 5th year teaching in Japan.

When I realized I was not 100 anymore with the life I was living.

Things change right!?

And a time can come in anyones’ life when they might think the life they were leading may no longer be the one they thought they wanted.

That is where I found myself.

I no longer felt the impact of my work, and in a sense, I felt the imposter syndrome creeping in. It was baaaaaad.

I could go into depth… for days about why I wasn’t feeling my career path anymore, but it all boils down to the fact that I couldn’t bear dragging myself to work anymore and constantly feeling like my soul was dying a little more as the days went on.

Have YOU ever felt this way?

Ok! My reaction may seem like an exaggeration, but it was indeed what I was experiencing and I wasn’t finding meaning in the work I was doing any more.

Given that reality, I knew I needed change.

So, this time instead of a journey to other exotic destinations, I set off on an enlightening intentional “soul-searching journey inward” to find my own life niche.

Through extensive reading, researching, contemplating, working through limiting-beliefs, meditating, experiencing stillness, practicing yoga, listening to my inner child~wahoo,

redefining who I am and the questions and language I use to communicate with myself, and others…. Oh my(SIGH)… how The list goes on…

I have tried what seems like everything to figure out my proverbial,

“Life Calling and purpose”

And now I am pleased to report I have made it to that place where I am confident and excited for the future.

Of course, there is an incredible amount of growth which occurred along the way, but this inner exploration has led me to find what I believe to be my path, filled with equal parts contribution and lifelong learning.

That path is none other than a life as a Career and fulfillment coach.

What I do now is work with bright, energized people who are unfulfilled in their work and I help them discover and transition into a meaningful and purpose-filled career.

Who doesn’t want meaning and purpose in their career and life, right!?

And being a Career coach, to me is what I am meant to be doing and the path I feel born to grow into.

As you can see, there I was, unfulfilled in my career and unsure of where I wanted to go.

But by being honest with myself that I needed and was worthy of change, then making the active decision to challenge myself through an intentional and required soul-searching journey, coupled with persistence and asking the right questions, I figured it out.

I figured me out.

With that I say, Cheers to continued learning and growing as Self-improvement is another reason why I am here with you today my friends, to grow as a leader and a content creator so I can create clear and powerful messages to help others feel confident in their own growth, and live the life of their dreams.

I leave you with this. If you have ever thought of changing your life path,

I truly believe It is never too late to go after those dreams.

Thank you for listening !

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