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Feeling Safe With Your Gifts?

Beautiful friend,

I wanna share a poem with you.

Not one of mine but one that is a message of ours to remember.

On a daily,

I’m trying to be more of this message by John Roede : Join me....

"What you give
to the world
is who you are
we are not here
to hoard the light
we are here to reflect it
our souls don't have pockets
everything we fought to gather
will one day slip through our
unclenched translucent hands
nobody will remember
how safe we were with
our gifts and heart
they will remember how
recklessly we gave of ourselves
we aren't here to
turn our lives into
a bank vault
we are here to be
a gateless park
oh, my love,
I wasted so many years
before I learned that
we are not what we take from this world
we are defined by what we give back to it."

~John Roede


I too strive to give more to the world and shine a light of goodness and grace, of hope and strength, of clarity and commitment.

Often, on a daily, even though...

It’s hard. I’m scared. I often feel unsure, & uncertain,

I overthink. I doubt. I cry.

I dream of creating more good and then stop and question,

I resist, drawn from a rooted desire for the ever-illusive perfection I find pulling at me.

I’m seen as peppered with positivity.

Yet I know that positivity is at times just an overcompensation for all the struggle that my human brain serves up.

Grateful as I am.

The power comes in learning to play

Learning to seize the day and come back to the way

Our hearts are called

As hard as it may appear

Knowing that the above are just some things the brain serves up and that’s not something that we have to buy into. 

It doesn’t mean we can flip a switch and just feel differently.

That’s where the work comes in.

It’s some of the most valuable work I’ve ever learned how to do.

And that’s available to you as well. 

I don’t have it all figured out.

But I know I can figure anything out.

And so I persist.

Painfully awkward and messy at times.

Oh, so many more times than I’d like to admit.

But also the sooner that I admit it, accept it, and take it as a message that can be a lesson,

That can allow me to get to the next level of myself.

As soon as I can get to that place, I know going through roadblocks are mere stepping stones to summiting myself so that I can summit my life.

That is available for us all.

This is available for you.

Shouldn't that be enough for us to always seek some way to grow, to give, and to celebrate?

In this season of giving and receiving, don't forget to give yourself time to remember the light and love that you are made of and the gifts you have within you to share with the world. What is the gift you want to share with the world?

Let 2024 be the year you play it safe no more with those gifts.

Goodness and growth to you.

With love,



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