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Find Inspiration You Need To Create!

Ever been here>>>

"But, I am not inspired, how do I show up?"

If so, may you be inspired by this loving message to your creativity!

You: I wanna do/create…..(insert your goal)

Also You: I can’t create because I am not inspired.

Ask: What can I do to get inspired?

Answer: Inspire others!

Q: How do I inspire others?

A: Get Inspired yourself!

But how?

Here are Some ideas for getting inspired…

1. Do you ever notice that when you are cooking, humming, walking, and/or lost in thought, like when you're taking a shower and fully immersed in the warmth and feel the water dancing on your body, so much so that you connect with sparks of ideas and insights?

That is your creative side coming into clear view.

As unproductive as the following activities might appear, they are however an integral part of the creative process.

***So find your groove by playing with the following: 

Dance, swim, walk, move your body in your favorite way, listen to music, have conversations, stare out the window at the snow falling, or mesmerize yourself with the twinkle of a fire's flames, notice the joy of a child, play with a kitten, do something that takes your mind on a journey of goodness and ease and
unblock your path from the doom & unresourcefulness "I don’t know how to start", "I don’t know what to do, to write, to create, or say…."

2. Take yourself on a blessed journey of finding gratitude and sufficiency in what currency is your life. And from that, be a product of yourself.

3. Get support, get coached, coach yourself, find the best way that works for you to see yourself and the thoughts and stories where you find yourself. Befriend your feelings and understand what is causing you to feel that way and create a path to deciding if that story is serving you or if you need to create another story that might work better for you.

Let go of things needing to look a certain (*perfect) way.

Let go of being right.

Embrace the beginner's mind of being and being wrong and see it as deeper knowing and understanding of the work you get to do and the opportunity for growth available.

4. Focusing from a place of abundance….

What is it that you wanna create? Achieve? Do?

Who is the person you will be when you’ve created the results you desire?

What will you feel?

What will you do?

What do you think?

How will you show up differently?

How can you emanate and experience those things NOW?

With that information, Think as if you are already the person you envision and have already created what you want!

Be that Person Now!

Get clear on that abundance, sufficient, confident creative self… search for what that looks like.

Try it on for size in your mind's eye.

Feel it in your heart. Mean it in your mind (thoughts). Believe it in your body. (A little #wisdom from Jay Shetty) #jayshetty

Which of these do you wanna try Or did try and how did it go?

What else works for you?

Cheers to finding what inspires you best.

Cheers to your creations waiting to come out of you.

The world needs your work.

Blessings, goodness, and growth.



P.S. Ummm. THIS WORKS! I know because I was sitting all morning not sure what to write and then I remembered what usually helps and I did my own nature walk, humming and watching the world go by in my own little mindful, present way and I did feel the inspiration ignite.

I am so excited for you too.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments feel free to email me at


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