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Growth in all the years of our lives

How often do you think about change?

I would venture to guess it might be a little more these Covid days.

But even before or putting aside the pandemic reality we find ourselves in, what does change mean to you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Change….

Do you remember when we were young, or maybe think of your own children, nieces or nephews today.

Children grow so fast.

We're not talking about their height, here.

Every year it’s as if they are a new person…. with new personalities, new interests, new curiosities they are looking forward to exploring and searching to find answers to.

It’s like children become new little humans every single year…. what a great example.

But, when does that tendency for change stop?

When do we lose that propensity for growth?

Or, at least what slows it down?

Sure many of us as adults continue to grow and change and evolve as we get older, but most of us…. stop or lose the consistency, at least to some extent.

Why do we let it go though? What happens?

Why don’t we continue to strive to change and evolve in every stage, every year of our lives?

In part, I find it’s because, as we get older, we often let insecurities, worries, fear of change, and the desire to have more consistency and live a life of comfort, take on more of a key role in our life scripts.

And in living that way, the times we feel as if life is stunted and that we keep reliving the same scene over and over, are more familiar and habitual.

If you are content with staying in that same space… do it! Be you! If you are happy, more power to you!

I just know that doesn’t work for me. And I would venture to guess that most people would actually feel more alive if they were advancing at least in some small way in their lives..

I believe life is about continued growth, learning, adapting and changing…..

When we stop changing we stop growing.

If we are not evolving and learning…. what are we? Without growth is death… is it not?

Now, change doesn’t have to be drastic!

You don’t have to move cities or countries, or change careers or homes, or even find new relationships.........Unless…. that might be what you want or need!

What a great topic for another day…..

I am convinced that the purpose of life is a continued…. expansion of ourselves….. Where we are constantly pushing to the next level, the next versions of our potential, year after year.

Why shouldn’t year 34 be a distant memory to the 35 year old?