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How are YOU going to define 2020?

Today’s message is Inspired by Bruce Lee’s insight:

Taking the current status of the world and the elephant in the room... and..errr.. everywhere 2020.

Let’s just think about this Covid year as the possible “Chaos” in the above thought.

Yes, this year has been…ummm... different, to say the least.

Yes, this year is or has been hard for everyone in some way.

Yes, many struggle a lot worse than others.

But, I’m not here to compare or rank hardships as there is no growth in doing so.

I am here to ask, what opportunities have you found in this time of transition?

This substantial pause, that has put us all in a state of transition, that when defined we can choose to focus on the loss or we can choose to focus on the gain.

What have you decided to focus on?

I have avoided this topic for some time as I know it will likely ruffle some feathers.

But no more… because it is as they say, IF feathers don’t ruffle, nothing flies!

And maybe this is the flight, or wakeup that you might need...

to make the choice to flip the script and decide to make the most of however you might define "this" year.

Yes, you can name 2020 the year of chaos, difficulty, or hardship.

You can name it anything you want and No one would blame you.

It very well may be thee, or one of thee, worst years of your life.

In many ways, I personally equate this year to being one of the best years of my life.

< this is the ruffle feathers part... >

I could decide to focus on the struggle or the things that haven’t gone my way.

and I could give a pretty long list of those things, but I choose instead to

center my attention to the opportunities that are!

And you can too!

And Yes, if you have or are experiencing pain and loss, or something that feels like chaos to you, process that pain, never push it away. I am not saying that.

But don’t stay there, what is to be gained by staying in the pain?

Isn’t the wiser route to find the opportunity or the control that you do have

and work from there!

Does it not beat the alternative of the misery of wallowing in all things gone wrong

and out of our control?

You can choose to instead create your reality with the opportunities that can and still lie

in this time of transition.

Life is full of transitions, don’t wait for things to get “better”” before choosing to see opportunity. Because if you aren’t looking for it, you might just miss it.

And if you feel there is no hope, please don't get stuck there.

Reach out and let me or someone help you find a bright light to help you on your way.

That is what I do, that is what I am good at.

And you can be too!

NO MATTER what you choose, the choice, as it has always been, is yours!

Only love,

Your life transitions guide LeeLee

How are YOU going to define 2020?

What one word would you give it!??!

I would love to hear in the comments below. Best to you and thanks for stopping by.

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