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How to Start Creating Your Dream Life.

It only takes one minute to start building your dream life.

If you think you don’t have time, we can find that time by getting clear on the difference between what you are currently doing, and the goal you want to achieve

All too often my clients struggle with finding time for their own lives.

If you don’t think you have TIME to do that thing calling at your heart.

First, In the smallest way possible, simply start that dream that keeps coming up for you, that you are curious about what it would bring to your life.

You do Not Need hours in the day, not even one hour if you really don’t have that.

You can start with one minute or five.

You’re believing that you need a LOT of time to do something,

especially pertaining to goals you want to create and the time you want to make for the things that matter to YOU.

And then you never get started because that hour just seems too big a space to take up in your already busy day.

What if I told you, starting with 1 minute is all you need.

One simple minute of 100% focused time to:

  • start the process

  • break the cycle of not doing the thing

  • build the habit

  • show up daily (or as consistently as you can~you get to define that too)

  • build discipline and the identity that you show up for you in that particular way

You know you and if you CAN handle more and sustain it, YES, do it!

But if you find yourself starting and stopping over and over again with building your habits or showing up for you in the way you say you want….

Consider doing LESS but actually showing up more often!!!

We live in a society that pushes more & more and instant gratification and we are taught to expect results fast and when we don’t get it, dang it, it isn’t working.


  1. Slow it down, real it back in, start again, and start smaller.

  2. Celebrate every day you do show up.

  3. Stop making yourself "Wrong" or "bad" when you don't.

Start that project, habit, hobby, goal, or dream.

Take one Smaller action step towards what you envision for YOUR LIFE.

And I am here to coach you if you still can’t get started or stick with it.

Let me know in the comments what you are going after.

Goodness and growth to you.

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