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I "Should" know how to do this I've done it before...

Updated: May 22, 2023

If you have ever found yourself thinking…

I have done this before (many times even), it “should” be easier.

Why is this so hard this time?

It shouldn’t be so hard given my prior experiences.

How many times do I have to do this until it is easy?

There is just one thing you are forgetting,

you actually haven’t done THIS before, no matter what it is, not exactly like the last time, circumstances have changed, times have changed, the world has changed, expectations have changed,

YOU have changed.

You are not the same person you were the last time you did this.

Allow yourself some compassion and grace in knowing that this time is actually different and likely in many many ways, not at all the same as the time before.

But you still can use the knowledge and perspective you knew before to help you navigate this time.

And above all, remember that person who did this “similar” thing before as s/he will remind you of the resilience, the drive, the capability you discovered in yourself the last time.

That strength in you is indeed still a part of you and can remind you that this time, this new adventure, chapter, task, or life experience you are taking on, You can again, thrive through it too.

It will feel different because it actually is.

Seeing it this way, allowing yourself to feel the newness that is and the reality that it actually isn’t easy and when we expect the experience to be something it is not, we are fighting a losing battle.

Accept~ Allow~Take what you do know~Celebrate your resilience~Enjoy the experience~ Enjoy your life.

Wishing you goodness and growth in all you do, no matter how many times you do it and how many dynamics have changed.

You got this.

Sometimes simply believing that you do, will help you through.

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