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Living the Life You Want!

Decide what kind of life you really want and then say no to everything that isn't that.

It won't always be easy, in fact, it is most often a hard & uncertain choice,

one you really just have to make from connecting with & trusting your own self-knowing.

Even if you don't YET.

I've been in many relationships which were lovely chapters of my life, and four times I chose my dreams and left loving relationships because I trusted myself and the stronger desire to travel the world.

Never a simple thing but at the same time, choices that had to be made, the No-s that allowed for so many more Yes-s that led me to live the life I knew I wanted.

It wasn't always easy, but big new moves towards your truth are not supposed to be, they're new and you are experiencing and stretching yourself in bold new ways.

And good will come of it, for instance, now, I have my person, my husband, the one who is doing life with me where we're traveling the world together.

Trust yourself and follow your gut. It knows the way even if it still seems fuzzy and scary at first.

Not sure how,

Get clear on a vision, something that feels exciting and amazing.

And always Remember, You're not behind. You're not alone.

Just giving yourself time to consider the life you want and asking questions is a great start.

If you need, here are some possible questions to contemplate and help you get more in tune with the life you really want to be living:

  • Q: What experiences must you have to feel you've lived a completely satisfying life?

  • Q: What makes you lose track of time?

  • Q: What work, service, and creations feel like play to you?

  • Q: What do you want to do for yourself not because anyone else, society, or expectations point you in that direction?

  • Q: What feels like fun?

  • Q: What scary thing do you wanna try but you just haven't attempted yet? That fear might be more excitement.

  • Q: What else is coming up for you?

Give yourself time, space & stillness for deep contemplation, your future self deserves that.

Know in advance:

That even before you get going, the path you go down might not look exactly like you envisioned.

This is normal.

You may not always be confident about what is up ahead.

Your plans won't always unfold and work out as you expected.

Your dreams might unfold into something completely unimagined.

Your picture of how things will go, might not resemble the reality at all.

Trust there is so much value in the unfolding of what is and surrender focusing on what isn't.

What if it actually could be exactly what you need & you hadn't even realized.

What are you waiting for?

Take the first-next-small step in the direction of your vision, that step IS the best step.

Everything will unfold as you go and you will more than likely see so much more possibility and potential emerging before you.

I hope this can help you start to embrace and even start loving the process, the becoming.

Even if things don't end up as you anticipated or planned, you are far wiser for having started even if it isn't the ideal direction you wanted to go.

This isn't a loss.

This is never a waste of time.

This is not a mistake.

This is information.

This is wisdom.

This is redirection.

Go back to, a beautiful vision you're excited about, not sure?>> Get curious, and take that one small simple next step and you will be on your way to living the life you want.

Comment & Share the actions you're taking.

I'm cheering you on.

With love,


Cheers to Connecting to What You Want to Create in Your Life!


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