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Moving Abroad: A Tale of Living Out A Dream

Can I really do it? What it takes!

Cheers to new chapters & especially celebrating what it takes to live out your goals.

For more than two years my Japanese husband was looking for work after moving to America.

And when he applied for the job in Annecy, France we both thought it was a long shot.

Going in with the preconceived notion that people living in Europe always get jobs in Europe first.

I’m happy that we were wrong about that.

And he stuck with it. I give him the credit and it’s because of him that we’re here today.

Still, I would do myself & our relationship a disservice if I didn’t celebrate our teamwork and take note of>>>

  • the endless hours of coaching we did together…

  • the drilling interview questions,

  • working on mindset,

  • confidence,

  • and believing in endless possibilities…

As well as

  • the prioritizing and shelving of anxieties and stressors through the process of 2-years of job hunting and all that comes with it.

All the while>>>

I’m building my own business,

we're starting out living with my family as we transition back from Japan to the United States,

visa application after application, fees & expenses..

moving to Portland, Oregon & me getting a day job for a while until income was more consistent.

I mention all these things to be a reminder that when we have dreams such as the one Ryo & myself are living now in a breathtaking surreal quaint village in the French Alps, these things don’t come with ease.

They are not just given to one, they come from lots of work, dedication, prioritizing, showing up &

Believing that something you don’t believe in can be possible for you.

So my message for you

is that if you have a goal or a dream that you think feels impossible, keep going!

Amazing things aren’t always easy, but we can find the ease in knowing that the growing, expanding & stretching of ourselves through the requests of life are indeed the way to making our dreams come true.

The hard parts don’t have to be that hard, I think it’s the resistance to them that makes the struggle strengthen.

When we expect things to be a challenge and we approach them with the mind but this is the way to reach the point that I am looking to reach someday It really does help.

What’s your goal?

What might be the thing that’s getting in your way?

Let me know in the comments, we can find a solution.

You got this! Keep going!


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