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Show Up For You No Matter What Condition...

Nothing Stopping Me From Doing What I Love ~ Josh South

Above is the image that inspired this message I wanted to share with you...

I saw this picture of someone who had just finished with his joyful surf in Lake Michigan when it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit/ -12 Celcius (whhhaaaa)

What can we learn about dedication here?

What can we learn about ourselves and the things we are willing to show up for no matter what?

(ok, I am not saying risk your life at crazy low temperatures, rather tapping into the things YOU enjoy and would go to your own chosen extremes to do them)

How can>>>>

finding what we love to do or doing things the way we desire, so much that we are willing to freeze our arses off beneath layers of ice to show up and do it,

>>>>be a reminder of the way to….

do what you wanna do>>

Whether that thing for you is:

  • Making time for your hobbies

  • Sitting down and working on your writing, art, or other content

  • Spending time with your friends

  • Reaching out and connecting with others

  • Share your ideas with your audience

What is it for YOU? Let me know what comes up for you.

What things do you do that you’d do no matter what?

Think of even the slightest examples such as>>

  • Going to a concert, buying a book, a new device, booking a trip, or splurging (again) on that 110th pair of shoes, you might not need but you just gotta have (aka my husband, however~ it truly gives him joy AND he is a shoe designer, so he is “doing work Research” lol,) and even when you don’t feel you can afford the thing, you buy it, because you want the thing more than your need for the money.

  • What about when you stay out late an extra hour or three with friends talking about endless topics that inspire you because you just love conversing in this way, as well as their company but you know you are going to be extra tired in the morning

  • What about you dancing, singing, writing, or creating for hours when you have 100 other things to do but you are just too far in the flow that you don't care about anything else...

THIS PICTURE THOUGH.. wahhhh As intense as it is,

It really got me thinking... (as well as reaching for my blanket… brrrrr).

What do you do that takes you away from other physical, or emotional worries and just go with it out of pure enjoyment?

But truly, with all the things we could do and all the things we wanna do,

how can you find your > "I’m doing this No Matter What way of showing up?

Cheers to doing more of what you love doing.

Where do you have this in your life?

Where can you create more of this in your life?

What was your takeaway from this message? I’d love to hear.

Best to you either way my dear.

Blue skies,

Coach LeeLee


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