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What dreams have you got on hold?

My Mother, My Best Friend...

In the middle of the pandemic, I moved from Japan back to Oregon, in my late 30s moving back in with the parents.

As a superlatively independent LeeLee, recently married and separated from my Ryo for our first year by the vast Pacific Ocean, I wasn’t entirely thrilled at the circumstances.

BUT mommy, mommy was there so what a blessing it was. We’ve had a great relationship, the Pandemic only heightened that bond.

We made the most of our time together, a time I will cherish forever.

We started taking fun and interesting personal development courses online together, we read books and discussed them. We dove into my childhood from both our perspectives….eeeeee yiksies did we uncover a lot of reasons why we are how we are today.. Haha! It was a wonderfully important journey indeed.

We started a consistent yoga practice, went on more hikes, created a meditation routine, and the like.

Let’s just say, it was one of the best times of my life.

It was also during some of the more difficult times of my life: the distance from Ryo, the uncertainty of the C-word., and wowza > leaving my career to pursue my on business and Life Coaching…wanna talk about that? How long you got?!

And not surprisingly, The day after I told my mom what I had decided to do, she wrote me the most loving and supportive letter I could ever imagine receiving.

People say when you go after your dreams, even / especially the ones that seem crazy, hard, or a drastic shift, that many people won’t support you or believe in you…

This was never a concern with my dear heart-of-wholeness mumsies.

She has always been above and beyond the best mommy imaginable.

What about YOU!?!

What dreams have you got on hold?

What if this was your time to say yes to you and pursue those future you-s!!!???

If you don’t feel you have the support you need, reach out to me,

I know what it feels like to want, and need support and I am here to support you too in your path to the next version of you!

Or if you just wanna share what you are working on in your life, I am here for it. Share your dream because cheering each other on makes the dream come alive.

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Dec 21, 2023

Fleas Navidog

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