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What Is Even Scarier Than Failure?

In the end what ultimately matters?

Think about it...

You want to create something more in your life?

You’re multi-passionate and want to figure out what exactly that might be.

You wanna say Yes to something but you aren’t sure how or where to start?

Lots of people have the same experience. You are not alone.

Starting my own Coaching business just over three years ago

was the scariest, most uncertain & completely wide-open wilderness I ever ventured into.

But saying yes to this path came from a place of pure unquestionable belief that this was the avenue

where I wanted to plant my roots, build on the person I am and want to be,

and finally feel good about how I was serving and giving back to the world.

The road is long and the learning curves in business can feel never-ending,

still, It has been and remains the most valuable walk I’ve ever been on.

Sometimes I think that no matter what happens from here on out,

I will forever be proud of myself simply for having tried.

I will always be a much wiser, knowledgeable, brave, courageous, and resilient person, no matter how I show up in the world,


I didn’t let the fear of the unknown, the hard, or the failure stop me from the curiosity and possibilities of what could be.

I said yes to going after what my heart called me to do,

and despite how heavy the odds can still feel,

I am making it work.

Talking about this with my husband recently, it reminded him of a Michael Jordan quote he paraphrased,

“The most scary thing is not trying.”

This couldn’t feel more real for me and I wonder about you, too.

No matter what you choose to do in life you will hit roadblocks,

you will reach plateaus,

you will question if this is what you want or are meant to be doing,

and you will be met with choices and decisions.

And I believe that as long as you heed the calls of your heart to venture in the directions it calls you to,

you will forever remain proud of doing so.

And the only regret to fear in the end will be,

ignoring that call and not having tried to live the life you truly desire.

What are you wanting to start or try?

What is your heart pointing you to?

Cheers to heeding the call.

It’s time to put you first after all!

Let me know what your “I’m trying it” thing is!!!

Blue skies,



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