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When You Feel Like You're Doing It Wrong...

Some advice you can feel really good ignoring!

>>>You’re doing "it" wrong...

Even if sometimes it’s only the voice in my head.

I often feel like I’ve been doing life backward or skipping steps.

Not because there actually is one way to

But because society at large can make it feel there is A Way,


a laid-out plan of action for a fulfilled life.

H to the NO!

Yet, it’s understandable how hard it is to shake the years of conditioning off, and the real feeling that you’re doing something wrong.

Because you are in fact doing it differently, and that may not always be the “norm”.

And you might find you feel you are floating in a sea on your own.

It can be confusing, yes, but still, I personally wouldn’t want it any other way.

Having chosen lesson common paths for so long.

Cheers to making the abnormal the norm.

Cheers to making the roads rarely taken more of your reality.

Cheers to doing life your way, on your terms, at any time you deem the time.

Unless you're still waiting for Someday....🤔🤔🤔

As for me,

  • Since High school, I took off to study abroad.

  • There were three times, I parted with a sorry – I gotta go live my dreams, to three different long-term boyfriends who meant a lot to who I was becoming in life, but I kept choosing me. Sorry, not sorry. Seems harsh possibly or Hard to do, but even harsher and more difficult would be to let one chapter get in the way of living the wonders wanting to be lived.

  • I have traveled extensively I often feel I’m living what most wait until retirement to live. And I remain constantly confused about why people wait. It isn't the money, I’ve never had masses of money, I’ve just always found a way, and you can too.

  • It has never been an inclination of mine to have children, settle down, and have the white picket fence scenario.

  • I am just now in my 40s enjoying one of my favorite chapters thus far of building my own business in the service of others.

Never stop saying YES to YOURSELF

I have never stopped saying YES to myself.

  • Which has led me to the best place of all:

To a profession in coaching, this place of honoring this life and helping others do the same in

their desired way.

Your Desired Way is available.

And might be more possible than you have yet imagined.

I'M SHOUTING THIS FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS, with all the love possible,

because life doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter, live up to society’s expected route of jumping through the experience hoops in some set order to justify or signify that you have or are living “The Right Way”.

My way isn’t the right way!!!

Your way isn’t the right way!!!

AND if someone tells you differently, feel good about ignoring that advice.

They are simply the ways we have decided to go in life.


No matter where you are now, you can also decide many a different way to continue to live this one life you have.


Not for me, but for future YOU!

That call you keep hearing is your heart reaching for your hand saying, Let’s go, I Got you! You’re Ready.


Now You



I am here to help you clear a path ahead because you’re ready to get on the track to that future you.

Reach out and schedule some time with me to explore you charging forward doing it your way.

Permission granted. Doors are open. Talk to you soon.


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